The Creator Economy Podcast


Episode 5: Joe Albanese, CEO of Stir, Building the infrastructure of the creator economy

Season 1, Ep. 5

Joe is the founder and CEO of Stir, a financial platform made specifically for creators. We talked about the need for new creator tools, company culture, and his approach to employee workload.

Heads up: Everyone here is extremely passionate about the creator economy, which means you may hear some strong language from time to time.

After dropping out of school twice, Joe Albanese created an app that was heavily praised by Apple. The app would ultimately fold over internal disputes, but it opened the door for Joe to work as a developer at Facebook. A few years later, he found himself wanting to start something new.

Through an entrepreneurial accelerator, Joe met his soon-to-be co-founder, Kushal. The two immediately hit it off and started running with an idea to give creators a tool that made the financial side of their business easier and more organized. The platform would support existing behaviors in the creator economy by allowing creators to collaborate, split revenue, and organize funds all in one place. Stir proved to be an enticing concept and gained backing from high-profile investors, including Casey Neistat, Li Jin, and YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley. 

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